Allan Rosen-Ducat

 Detail images make great wall decor.

The Land of Make Believe Map details the image of  “The City of Many Towers.”

 When I lived in California, I worked as a studio photographer; while living in rural Maine, my work centered on providing drum scanning and Iris printing; in Arizona, I have focused on portrait work and fine art reproduction. My artwork changed from location to location, yet even with this change, the visual imagery that draws my attention remains constant. Landscape and portraiture are two areas of focus of my photography work. I work within creative narratives when I am image-making; I find they correlate to my core values.

The Land of Make Believe Map

Available printed on fine art paper and photo paper, as a puzzle, and even placemats or on a blanket.
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The Land of Make Believe Map – Remastered 1.5 Serendipity brought work by Jaro Hess and me together eighteen years ago; that was when a poster copy of one of Jaro’s artworks, “The Land of Make Believe Map,” was walked into my studio, carried under the arm of a local Inn Keeper.

We are molded by where we live. My landscape photography focuses on the affects of the environments we live within.

The Tree Line

Game trails cut into an across the hay field. This time of year foliage obscures the internal forest, until the fall the forest obscures, block out view and provides privacy.


The contrast of the open field and closed off dark forest present paths for transiting this line on passage.  In the winter the the forest loses it’s veil and is open to viewing.

Living in spaces elevated.

The Sounds

Islands in seas of corn.


A light shower at sunset.

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Cave Creek, AZ