Purchase “The Land of Make believe Map”

by, Jaro Hess

Remastered by photographer illustrator, Allan Rosen-Ducat

 “The Land of Make Believe Map” is an illustrated compilation of fifty plus fairy tales and folk lore.
Children following the path which runs throughout the illustration, stopping at, for example, “Cinderella’s house, look there is Jack and Jill.”

Available for purchase as a Fine Art Print, Canvas stretched image, and numerous other print types and sizes.

The original “The Land of Make Believe Map” was created by artist Jaro Hess around 1900 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The image became popular, even more so when the work became a featured attraction at the 1933 Worlds-Fair in Chicago.  The work was offered in a number of different print version into the 1980s.  Clicking on the map image will take you to my store, where you can order your own version of the map. Link to store.



Title: "The Land of Make Believe Map" remastered is a 
completely remastered version of the original work.
Remastering the work ensures that a digital version will
be available for the worlds children into the next century.


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