Allan Rosen-Ducat has been photographing since before his teens. Allan began illustrating about ten years ago. While always working as a creative, illustrating offered Allan another method of visual communicating. Rosen-Ducat formulated the idea for his Mashuga Moose character while living in Naples, Maine. His first book is titled “In The Time of the Dented-Pan & the strange quiet.”

“In The Time of the Dented-Pan & the strange quiet,” is a story of discovery by a very special Moose whose name was “Mashuga Moose.”The discovery he makes is one that has changed the whole world overnight.  Our moose detective works the leads and finally uncovers what has changed.  One hint, the story takes place at the begging of the COVID-19 pandemic more, if I told you any more, I would spoil the story for you.

Allan is married, a father of two daughters and three dogs, used to live in California and Maine, no resides in Cave Creek, Arizona. 




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